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Functions and Responsibilities

  • Date: 2020-06-09
  • Issued by: RDEC

1.Comprehensive Planning Division
The Governmental report, annual policy planning, pre-preparation of important project planning, municipal conferences, other important affairs from the mayor.
Organization establishment: 1 Chief, 1 Executive Officers, 1 Head, 4 Officers and 1 Clerk, 2 Contract Employees and 1 Administrative Assistant.


2.Supervision and Evaluation Division
Annual biding cases management, cases progress regulation conferences, key construction meetings, parliament resolution cases tracking and control, official document management and project control assessment.
Organization establishment: 1 Chief, 2 Heads, 2 Assistant Researchers, 5 Officers and 1 Contract Employee.


3.Construction Quality Control  Division
In charge of construction evaluation, construction quality improvement and educational training, construction quality control and oversight, inspections and other various related affairs.
Organization establishment: 1 Chief, 1 Head, 4 Officer, 1 Junior Officer, 1 Contract Employee and 1 Administrative Assistant.


4.Citizen Services Division
Citizen services division promotes, plans, manages and evaluates joint service center tasks and other tasks related to public services.
Organization establishment: 1 Chief, 1 Researcher, 3 Officers, 2 Junior Officer and 2 Associate Clerks.


5.Research and Development Division
Municipal development research, Public opinion poll conduction, Research committee conferences.
Organization establishment: 1 Chief, 1 Secretary, 1 Assistant Researcher, 5 Officers and 2 Junior Officers and 2 Administrative Assistants.

6.1999 Hotline Management Division

Division planning, field management, outsourcing case management, performance/satisfaction management, and other division affairs.

Organization establishment: 1 Chief, 4 Officers, 1 Junior Officer and 1 Administrative Assistant.


Documentation, Filing, Seal / Imprimatur, General Affairs, Purchasing, Legal Affairs, Research and Evaluation, Property and Inventory Management, Vehicle Management, Website Management, General Affairs, Public Relations, Press Room, Janitorial and other Personnel Inapplicable to the Labor Standard Act.


8.Accounting Office
Services: Annual accounting and statistics services.


9.Personnel Office
Services: Human resources management.


10.Civil Service Ethics Office
Civil service ethics tasks management.




Service hours
Office hours 8:00-17:00
Noon recess 12:00-13:00
Flexible office hours 8:00-8:30, 13:00-13:30, 17:00-17:30

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