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1999- Good Living Assistant for Taichung Citizens

  • Date: 2018-11-16
  • Issued by: RDEC

For most people, listening to the radio while commuting to work is part of citizens' life. As for Taichung citizens, getting information from 1999 hotline service has became an indispensable part of their life. The services, provided by the 1999 hotline, include social service, welfare assistance, bus route,bus current position, tourist attraction and cuisine. You can get all the information by simply dialing 1999.
Bus ridership in Taichung has increased from 5.25 million passengers in January of 2012 to 6.71 million in August. In order to provide service for the bus travelers, Taichung City Government has set up LED board, showing the location of the closest bus and online bus position checking. Bus travelers can also use 1999 hotline service to estimate how long will their bus come. This is a great news to all the bus travelers.

  • Date : 2012-10-31
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